Through the years of its existence, Reverb Productions has been working hard to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.  Most important of all has been giving unbiased guidance to its customers, most of whom have been to a recording studio for the first time in their lives.

Once engaged,  attention to details, including guidance during recordings and strict quality checks have resulted into delivering a product that exceed expectations of the most discerning.

Companies we have worked with include:

  1. Mahindra Heavy Engines Pvt. Ltd
  2. Infosys
  3. Harbinger
  4. Ayurwin
  5. Opus Software
  6. Octopus Ideas
  7. ADAP
  8. P.N. Gadgil Jewellers
  9. Uniken Software

A few testimonials from some of the folks who have loved us.


Paulami Desai, ADAP about ReverbThank you Paulami for the glowing reviews about Reverb! We love working with you!

Posted by Reverb Productions Pvt. Ltd on Monday, February 22, 2016