Short Films

In this internet age, where time and attention span is always at a premium,

a short film conveys the idea most effectively

Feature films typically have a time span from 90 minutes stretching to even 270 minutes at times.  In this internet age, time and attention span is always at a premium.

A short film ranges from just one minute to about twenty five minutes.  This is a great way to convey an idea or message effectively.  The popularity of short films has also been fuelled by social media like WhatsApp and YouTube.

Typical short films content range from social messages to highly intellectual and witty..


Recognition and Visibility

There are several international film festivals that are now focused on Short Films.  Pune International Short Films Festival, Mumbai International Short Films Festival, Goa International Short Films Festival are just a few examples.  Having a short film selected for screening at the festival is a prestige in itself.  National Film Development Corporation has a Swach Bharat Short Film Festival coming up on 2nd October 2016.  The prize money for the winning film is a whopping ten lakh rupees.



For the corporates, this is an excellent opportunity to engage employees.  Competitions for the best theme, story could be organised.  The best story could be converted into a short film and potentially submitted to a prestigious festival.

There is also an opportunity for CSR engagement.  Sponsoring production and promotion of short films covering social issues such as Swach Bharat, Saving the Girl Child, traffic and safety etc could be considered.



Participation in prestigious festivals presents an excellent opportunities to individuals who have artistic or social inclinations.  Directors, Cinematographers, Script Writers, On-Screen Artists etc stand to gain high visibility (and money too).


Get Noticed internationally

Create a short film


We at Reverb understand that will al lot of Corporates and individuals would like to participate, producing a short film is not everybody's cup of tea.  A lot of great ideas do not see the light of day they deserve.

Reverb has a lot of experience in productions of audio video content ranging from eLearning to short films to music videos.  Our highly talented and experienced team will help take your concept to successful delivery of high quality, professional grade short film.

We have created special packages to help Corporates and Individuals take their ideas to reality.


Budgets will vary on various factors such as length of film, locations, experience

and number of artists etc.  

Call us today to discuss.


Concept to Film

Reverb Productions' will work with your concept and create a great short film of appropriate length.  This includes:

  1. Creation of script & screenplay
  2. Casting of on-screen actors and actresses
  3. Selection of appropriate locations & securing necessary permissions
  4. Engagement of technical crew and renting of necessary equipment
  5. Art direction and art
  6. Direction and Cinematography during shoot
  7. Costume & makeup 
  8. Travel & food logistics during shoot within Pune City area
  9. All items from the Post-production package


Post Production

If you have what it takes to write, direct and shoot your awesome short-film, partner with Reverb Productions for the entire post-production work.

  1. Video editing including Lineup according to script, basic editing to get to rough cut
  2. Dubbing at Reverb Sound Studio
  3. Creation of background music and foley, sync dubbed dialogs, clean on location audio
  4. Sync audio and video
  5. Final edits and titles
  6. Color correction
  7. Render final output in desired formats