It is an open secret that the linear television as we know it will be replaced by internet based entertainment delivery. Reverb Katta is one of the very few YouTube based Marathi Entertainment platforms that is focused on very high quality, family friendly content that has the depth that stimulates the intellectual.

Webseries – Gharkool

Gharkool brings to life literature from some of the most celebrated literary legends from Maharashtra including Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Dynaneshwar, Sant Tkdoji Maharasj, Bahinabai, Kusumagraj, G.V. Behere, G.D. Madgulkar, Vitthal Wagh, Dr Anand Yadav, Madhav Julian, Shantabai Shelke, Acharya Atre, B.B. Borkar, P. Sawalaram, Ravindra Bhat, Vimal Limaye, Sudhir Moghe to name a few.

In this 20 episode #WebSeries, Veteran Actress Manasi Magikar narrates a story or poem from one of the legendary writers of Maharashtra. The series has been conceptualised by Manasi herself.

Webseries – Moving Out

Moving Out is story of an urban girl who is breaking the traditional boundaries and yet preserving the values. Featuring the beautiful Abhidnya Bhave of "Khulta Kali Khulena" fame and Dr. Nikhil Rajeshirke. This series remains one of the most popular fictional marathi web series to date.

Webseries – Night Out

Night Out is story of four friends who have one thing in common - watching movies! This web series promotes several popular Marathi movies like Bhay, Garbha, Ranjan, Manus ek Mati in a very unique way.

Webseries – Twist Eat

Twist Eat is a unique cooking show that features unique Maharashtrian Festive recipes typically cooked during the festival of Diwali. Chef Pradeep Bhawalkar has specially crafted these recipes. The first four episodes feature new creations and last four episode feature recipes with left overs. Anchored by the spontaneous Suyash Tilak

Webseries – Antarnaad

Antarnaad, (the voice within) is a video compilation of poems written and presented by Shilpa Sanjeev Godbole. These poems are about womanhood, sacrifices and love