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Every Individual needs to promote themselves
Reverb Lounge is a great way

Promote Yourself

In this competitive world, it is very important for an individual artist or bands to promote themselves.  The most effective way to demonstrate is through Profile Video hosted on any of the popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook.  
It is very convenient to share a link to the video.  A video is also an excellent tool to demonstrate showmanship and performance in addition to musicality.  
Reverb with its state of the art studio and team of experienced audio & mix engineers, cinematographers and video editors will help you put together a very professional video


Reverb Lounge

Reverb Lounge is a YouTube Channel that is effectively leveraging commoditisation of internet bandwidth, deep penetration of mobile devices amongst all demographics and the power of surgical targeting through platforms such as Google.  For the artist this means a global, yet very targeted audience and the ability to easily share their portfolio with their potential customers.



Original Music Videos

Bappa is Back - Rishi Gole

Thev Sangitachi

Insaniyat - Alhad Kashikar

Aja tu more piya

Destiny - Gaurav Telang


Original Music is a great way for all artists to demonstrate their unique value propositions.  Lyricists, composers, arrangers, musicians, singers as well as the technical team comprising of sound engineers, mix engineers and music producers.
Videos bring the music to life through creatives.  Directors, cinematographers, choreographers,  lights person, arts, costumes designers, makeup artists, video editors all get an opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills.
Reverb Productions has experience in creating videos that suit all budgets.  From indoor single location to outdoor and multi-location shoots.

Cover Music Videos

Deepanshi Nagar - Awari

Rajesh - Band Profile Video

Ankush Kumar - Artist Profile

Nikita Purandare - Sanam Re - Artist Profile

Kedar Ghogale - Mashup

Sheethal Menon - Artist Profile


Cover Songs means recreation of original music.  For the artists, this is usually the first step. For small budgets,  vocals are recorded over karaoke tracks, a low budget video shot with a camcorder or even a mobile phone.
For better quality and more creativity, the music is re-composed and recreated by either programming or live instruments or a combination.  Video is shot with professional lighting and cameras.
Outdoor videos require more logistical planning on selection of location, travel, permissions etc.
Reverb Productions has experience in creating cover music videos that suit all budgets.

Sweet Memories

Reverb Productions has created several sweet memories for individuals.  
A family comprising of three sons and their spouses made their mothers birthday special by recording a music video together.
A housewife recorded a beautiful music video in fond remembrance of her mom.
A very successful industrialist created a music video out of pure love of singing.
A doctor gifted her daughter with beautiful poems and experiences 

Gift someone you love something to remember for their lifetime


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