Antarnaad, (the voice within) is a video compilation of poems written and presented by Shilpa Sanjeev Godbole.  These poems are about womanhood, sacrifices and love.  

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The new age platform for Marathi poems

Everyone of us has a sensitive side to us.  We find various ways to express ourselves.  Some of us through poetry, writing down these feelings and experiences in diaries.  These diaries get locked down in the drawers.  They come out in the gathering of special friends and family or get penned down on greeting cards of someone special.  Often, you get encouraged with comments like - "wow! these are really good!  You should get these published".

And you think, oh, why not.  Indeed.  More often than not, the idea dies right there with questions like - "who is going to publish these", "what will it cost", "who is going to buy these books", "what will I do with the left over copies" etc etc. and more importantly, "how do I do it?  I know nothing about publishing a book".

We, at Reverb, have launched "Kavita", a platform just for your poems.  "Kavita" is a new age platform that conforms to todays need of delivering content on the mobile platform, is audio-video in nature and short and sweet and easily sharable.

"Kavita" is part of our popular YouTube channel, Reverb Katta.  Your poems will be published on this platform.  We strongly encourage you to present your poems.  Because, we at Reverb believe that you are the best person to understand and present your feelings and experiences.


So what exactly is this 'कविता' (Kavita) platform

The platform comprises of a specially created space on Reverb Katta dedicated to your compilation of poems in audio-video format - each poem in a separate video.  Each compilation, just like a real book has a beautiful cover designed by our graphics team.  This is known as a thumbnail.

Since poems are in the form of video on YouTube, you can very easily share the link to this video to anyone in the world - through Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram or whatever else takes your fancy.  Lines of the poem appear as you say them.  Yes, in Marathi.  We can even subtitle in english if you like.  Actual poem is available in the description of the video.

Additionally, we also create a dozen printed copies of this compilation - complete with beautiful cover page. A DVD with your videos is included in the book.  You can gift these to your very special ones - or perhaps to those who are (still) not connected online.  And yes, you can order as many more as you like.

Post Production

Each poem will be edited into a separate video.  Light music will be created and added for more impact.  Wordings of your poem appear as you say them.  

Beautiful graphics will be created for the collection of poems.  A beautiful booklet will be designed  and 10 copies will be printed for you to give to your nearest ones.  Once the booklets and videos are ready, we will invite you for a preview.  

We will now schedule a launch date and time when this collection will go live on Reverb Katta's "Kavita" Platform.  Once these videos go live on "Kavita", you can share the link with everyone.

How it works

Select between 15 to 20 of your choicest poems.  There is of course no limit on how few or how many you choose.  With experience, we have figured that you can recite these many in one day of shoot. 

Then schedule a meeting with the friendly and helpful people at Reverb.   They will help you on how you narrate your poems, the costumes to wear and answer all the questions you have to put you at ease about the entire process.

A date will be scheduled for the video shoot.  Set aside an entire day for the shoot.  Be sure to get a good nights sleep on the day before the shoot.  We will typically shoot the video at Reverb Sound Studio, our state of the art audio recording studio.

Change into the first costume, our makeup artist will help you with the makeup.

The crew would have everything ready - the lights, camera, recording equipment.  Just relax and recite your poems.  The friendly and experienced Director will guide you through the entire narration and shoot.

You can change costumes as many times as you want.  Re-take each poem as many times as you like.   We will not stop until you get it just right.

To take advantage of this offer, fill up the form below. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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