Reverb has been proudly associated with several small and big corporates to achieve their needs of inward as well as outward facing communication with traditional as well as trendy audio visual content.  At Reverb we help you create rich corporate audio video content.for effective communication.

Company Profile Videos

Websites are things of the past.  In this age of internet, WhatsApp and diminishing attention spans, companies are finding it very effective to promote themselves through a 3-5 minute company profile video.  Company Profile Videos take a more traditional approach with visuals about their offices, work areas, products and product applications and narratives from founders and key management executives as well as testimonials from their key customers.  Reverb put together this Corporate Video for Perkin Elmer and CellBeans 

Ads & Jingles

Video advertisements and audio jingles play a significant role in outward facing mass promotions,  Typically Television and Radio are most popular means.  Online video portals such as YouTube and Vimeo are also gaining a lot of popularity.

Reverb, with its significant experience in music production and their own audio recording studio and video labs are able to provide unparalleled advantage to its customers.  Healing Hands Clinic, Ayurwin Pharma and Lemkin are couple of recent examples.

Customer Self Help

Interactive Telephone Menus (IVR, as they are popularly known) play a vital role in customer interaction for large and small companies alike.  Reverb has experience in creating fairly comprehensive IVR systems in dozens of Indian Regional Languages.  Some of our recent customers include Bajaj Allianz and Opus Software (dial+914466981100 for sample).

IVR is a great way to
Project a large company


Employee training plays a vital role in the skill development and growth of any organisation.  Companies are investing heavily in engaging subject matter experts in training their employees (or customers for that matter).  Capturing these trainings in audio video form aid in knowledge retention and cascading.  Often times, companies have also dubbed a lot of training videos into native regional languages for increased effectiveness.

Reverb has worked with several companies such as Great Learning, Pranic Healing, Emmersive InfoTech etc in creating very effective eLearning audio and audio/visual content.

Podcasts and Interviews

Podcasts and short interviews are a great way of training.  Both employee as well as customer facing.  

Asia Institute of Hair Transplant has been airing fourteen minute interviews twice a week on All India Radio to create awareness about skin and hair problems.   These interviews are pre-recorded at our studio.

Dr Paras, a well known NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist has published several podcasts on his website.  


Podcasts are a great way
to engage your customers


Audio Books

Audio books have gained a lot of popularity.  They are very convenient and often more fun than reading (and carrying) a traditional book.  

Reverb Productions had the wonderful opportunity to produce the audio book of Radhanath Swami in Gujrathi in association with the Blind Mens Association, Pune and Iskcon Temple.  This audio books in English, Hindi and Gujrathi were published at the hands of Radhanath Swami.

Neeraj Gupta's The Ninth Habit, is a an audio supplement to his book.  This audio supplement helps you relax and concentrate with sub-conscious suggestions as it takes you into a deep trance.  Reverb Productions helped create the divine music along with dubbing the narration.