Audio Visual format is the most effective way of communication in this world.  Companies are using this medium for a variety of applications.  We at Reverb Productions have worked with several large and small companies to help develop a variety of content. 

Categories of Corporate Films

Corporate audio/visual content can be broadly classified into two categories - inward facing and outward facing.  As the name suggests, Inward facing video content is for the consumption for company's employees for a variety of purposes.  Outward facing videos are for consumption of people outside of the company.


Internal facing content

Staff Training

There are numerous reasons why videos are more practical way of imparting training to the staff.  Videos ensure consistency of training - so the same message is given to everyone and nothing is lost in proverbial translation.  Availability of subject-matter-expert is often times a main driver for video based trainings.  At times, trainings are based on sharing experiences from far-off locations or situations (staged or reality based).  At times, speeding up (time lapse) or slowing down (slow-motion) is the best way to explain certain things.

Internal Communications

When companies grow beyond the point of assembling the entire staff in one room, internal communications videos play a very important role in cascading strategic information downward to all the employees.  This could be in the form of a simple messaging video from the executives to articulation of change in policies, or any other relevant information to the staff at large.  Typical examples are messages from CEO, HR regarding change in policies, clarification of any external news etc.