Artist Profile Videos

is a great way to promote yourself

In this competitive world, it is very important for an individual artist to promote himself.  The most effective way is through Profile Video hosted on any of the popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook.  
It is very convenient to share a link to the video.  A video is also an excellent tool to demonstrate showmanship and performance.

Reverb Lounge and Katta

Reverb Lounge and Reverb Katta are our YouTube Channels that are dedicated to music videos and short films respectively.  These channels are taking advantage of the fact that everyone is watching YouTube on mobile devices Thus your profile is easily viewable and sharable globally.  With platforms such as google, it is possible to promote your profile to specific groups of people.

Music Videos

Deepanshi Nagar - Awari
Rajesh - Band Profile Video
Ankush Kumar - Artist Profile
Nikita Purandare - Sanam Re - Artist Profile
Kedar Ghogale - Mashup
Sheethal Menon - Artist Profile

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha Joshi

Mugdha Joshi - Aye Dil Hai Mushkil

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A Music Video is a great way for all music artists to demonstrate their unique value creativity and style.  Lyricists, composers, arrangers, musicians, singers as well as the technical team comprising of sound engineers, mix engineers and music producers.
Videos bring music to life through creatives.  Directors, cinematographers, choreographers,  lights person, arts, costumes designers, makeup artists, video editors all get an opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills.
Reverb Productions has experience in creating videos that suit all budgets.  From indoor single location to outdoor and multi-location shoots.
We also have several ways in which we can help promote these videos.  Reverb Lounge is our platform for music videos.  Additionally we can help distribute these videos on other digital platforms such as iTunes, Gaana, Google Play, Television Channels, Radio, live events etc.

Short Films

Whether you are a writer, creating great stories, or screenplay, or an actress or actor, or director, cinematographer or editor or anyone associated with telling stories on the screen, being part of a short film is a great way to create your profile.

Reverb Productions has the right team and experience not only to help you create this short film, but also Reverb Katta as the platform to showcase this film.

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