Reverb Lounge

February 24, 2016 admin

Reverb Productions uncovers hidden gems in the entertainment industry and provides a platform to talented and passionate artists to earn a sustained livelihood through their art.

Reverb Productions has provided a strong platform comprising of live events, music audio & video singles and albums both for its own productions as well as customer projects. This platform has provided competitive compensation as well as high visibility to benefiting artists.

Reverb Lounge takes this platform to a significantly higher level by effectively leveraging commoditisation of internet bandwidth, deep penetration of mobile devices amongst all demographics and the power of surgical targeting through platforms such as Google.

For the artist this means a global, yet very targeted audience and the ability to easily share their portfolio with their potential customers.

Reverb Lounge is a YouTube channel hosted by Reverb Productions that will serve high quality content. At the time of launch, the Lounge has following forums:

Original Music: Any Genre, Any Language only high quality music bringing out the finest musicianship. If you are a producer, this is the perfect forum for you to showcase your creation to the audience and potential customer. For the artist, if you cannot find a producer, talk to Reverb Productions to help you take your concept to the global stage.

The Achievers’ forum: An insightful discussion with the person who has dared to venture out of his/her comfort zone to achieve something of significance. For the achievers, this is a great forum for you to inspire and ignite others. For the ones struggling to get out of their comfort zone, meet your role models on this forum.

Reprise: While movies are constrained to just one representation of a song, Reprise is a forum that provides limitless possibilities to showcase creativity.

The Buzz: Provides an insight into interesting music related events happening in your locality. Meet the producers, singers, musicians to know their inspiration behind the event